Principle To Grow Own Garden Landscape!

November 18, 2020 | House & Garden | By William Olson | 0 Comments


Landscaping is an art to make garden, park, lawn and other areas look attractive and natural. Landscape is great to enhance the look of building. Design of landscaping is necessary. Before plan a landscape creates a creative and ideal design that attracts people. Some people hire nursery to great best design for landscaping. Hard scaping also matters in landscape design. Hard scaping involves installation of walls, draining system and plantation beds. Physical feature of landscaping also matters. Keep surrounding clean; be careful before installing any plant.

Follow rule:

It is rule of landscaping in surrey hills to vertical edge must keep one third enclosed from horizontal edge. This is rule of landscaping and this follow before design a landscape for building and other commercial places.

Keep design simple:

Simple design of landscaping looks more elegant. It also attracts people more than complicated design. Simple design is easy to follow and also easy to maintain.  Always design a simple but attractive landscaping for home.

Balance design:

Balance design is also necessary with simple design. Balance design gives elegant look to landscape. It also does not look haphazard and clumsy. Balance and simple design give comfort in maintenance, watering and planting new plants.


Make design to enhance the focus of people. Some people want to attract people at a particular side. They also want to keep attention of people at a particular side. To enhance focus of people, make balance, simple and focus design because focus has great role in landscaping design.


Unity also matters in design of landscaping. Keep plants and design unit. Keep design simple. Because simple design always has balance and focus design. Moreover, unity of plants also matters in plantation design.

Regulation line:

Architectural education suggests that regulation lines are good for design. Regulation line keeps

Design simple. Regulation line keeps the design of landscaping organizes.

Size of landscape:

Size of landscaping affects design. Keep the size big because it effects on design matter.

Install plant big to small:

Install plant from big too small. Keep big plants on backside while small plants on front.

Landscaping is an art to give elegant look to buildings and commercial sites. Landscape contains loss of plants and flowers. Landscaping is good to keep environment healthy and fit. Nowadays, many restaurants and hotels also like to make landscape in front of premises. Landscaping is cost effective way to make place elegant.

Landscaping is goof way to keep surrounding clean and fresh. Some commercial owners love to install landscape instead of any artificial things. because it looks elegant and natural to attract people. Moreover, cost of landscape in lesser than an artificial thing. Landscape does not need any changes in its design while any other piece of decoration needs frequent change after some time. To Keep environment healthy and fresh with elegant look hire a good nursery for better design of landscaping. And also follow all principles of good landscaping. For more information visit our website: